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Custom Jewelry Making

Изготовление ювелирных изделий на заказ «Русский ювелир»

“Russian Jewelry Company №1” provides services of making individually designed jewelry. Our employees are ready to take your individual order at any time in any store of the chain according to the existing models – in fact,  you can also take part in creating your exclusive product together with our jewelry makers. If you are interested in creating a unique piece of jewelry based on the author’s design, then the company’s employees can select precious stones of suitable colors and characteristics especially for you in order to create the most wonderful custom wedding rings. In addition, we provide services for making any sort of badges, medals and other accessories, as well as souvenirs made of precious metals.

The combination of long-standing traditions and modern technologies of jewelry production that the company owns allows us to design and manufacture unique jewelry masterpieces. All of our jewelers are certified experts with many years of work experience in the largest enterprises of the jewelry industry. A filigreed approach to the production of jewelry is possible only when using the newest multi-purpose equipment like the one used at our production facilities. Custom jewelry is made for each person individually basis and therefore become unique.

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